Lunch Juice Combination

When I was much younger I usually sneaked in to the kitchen and made my own juice. Why sneaking? because I was not allowed to play with the blender for some reason . The best juice I had was called Kleptomaniac Juice, in my defense, I did not know what kleptomania means, but my friends used to say it a lot when someone is acting weird. Yeah, that’s the lesson guys, children really follow whatever you say, so watch your words.


Here are the recipe for the Best Juice in the World Ever ™… I mean the recipe of my lunch juice.



2 apples

1 orange


1/2 guava


2 bananas

lots of ice


Steps :

  1. Slice the apple (thickly).
  2. Peel the orange and bananas.
  3. Scoop the guava meat out
  4. Put all of the fruits (beside what is unmentioned on the first three process) into the blender along with water and ice. I like my juice thick, so I use small amount of water.
  5. Dice the strawberries and grapes. This is going to be the crunchy part of your juice.
  6. Pour the diced strawberries and grapes into a glass.
  7. Once the juice is blended enough, pour it into the glass.
  8. Stir the juice.
  9. Enjoy


Oh now I remember why my parents did not let me use the blender. Once the juice was ready, I took a sip. I noticed that at some point the crunchy part was too crunchy, like a biscuit crunchy. I thought that it was great, and dismissed it as a coagulation from probably reaction of the fruits.

There were white bits floating on the juice, that was what I thought the coagulation. And then, it hit me like puberty, it was bit of plastics. I was eating plastic. That juice was good, but probably taste better because of the additional hard work I need to do: scoop out the plastic bits.


Damn you plastic.



If you guys wonder, the taste of plastic is pretty bland, but the texture is amazingly crunchy.


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