Top 5 Books (Dominated by Children Novel)

This rating is not based on critiques by famous magazine or newspaper, it based on my opinion, which mean, may not suitable for most people, since I’m a weirdo.

Let start from the lowest ones :

5. The Last Song by : Nicholas Sparks

A story about young girl, who hates her father, without knowing the truth, what’s happening isn’t like what she had thought all this time, you’re hoping for the good ending instead getting one , you’ll get some twist…

4. My Sister Keeper by : Jodi Picoult

My literature teacher read this book too, but our mother language version, the story sort of having a twisted ending too. But you’ll love it, if you love a shock turning eyes heating thingies. When you have to pick, you don’t know who’ll you choose.

3. The Witches,  Danny The World Champion by: Roald Dahl

Classic, what can I say anymore, no one hates Roald stories, the way he explain the witches makes you get into it, watch out witches could be everywhere. Danny The World Champion is fun and Roald making this “Danny”character so unique, the way he lived the way his father taught him, it’s all fun

2. Ellie the Pony-Mad Princess Series by: Diana Kimpton

I’m a student, and I bought it when I was much – much younger, but I still love it! My my, when it’s about Ellie, it’s so funny. Her ponies, all of her ponies with their own stories, it’s like you’re the friend of Ellie or somewhat. Ellie’s journey is super fun and interesting, it’s also educate you with basic knowledge to take care of ponies, or what were they used to work for and how.

1. A Dog’s Life by: Ann M. Martin

This story touches every readers heart, I’m still a student, so I love children novel, but the story inspires me so much to keep trying and hold on high, wave of storm might come to struck you, but at the end there’s always a price for someone who always try and keep up.


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