Top 5 School Stationaries

As a student it does bother me much seeing my friends don’t bring these top 5 stationaries to school, that is really – really important (except pen, pencil, and eraser, it’s like you know… if you don’t bring it most likely you have no intent to go to school) :

1. Ruler : Mathematics, physics, sometimes these lesson need ruler, you have to bring it

2. Highlighter/Highliter/Stabilo : When teacher teach, they usually take from the book, and they only explain the important ones, cause it’s exhausting to speak over 3 hours non-stop. Stabilo will make your books more colorful, and most likely you will know which points to learn and remember.

3. Scissors : I don’t know why people bring scissors, or why even I do it. But scissors not so useful, still it will make your pencilcase more full. :-p

4. Ring notes, or just… notes : note things up, so you won’t forget things!

5. Stapler : To get paperwork clean and tidy, use a stapler, stapler all papers you need and your bags will be more tidy!


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