Ahoy ahoy
The captain is here, oh boy
Giving all kids gifts and toys
Yes, for all young girls and boys

Gather round you young sailors
Cause today he’ll tell you a fight
Against the Old Man Gators
Who sneak in your bed at night

Children listen; Their eyes watching
As the excited captain telling
When he sails the sea and soaring
Reaching the land of dreams, he sing

Oh why you fairies hide
I’m here ready to fight
For you and for the child
Whose good dreams you sprinkle every night

To which the fairies reply
Whilst they quietly fly
We fear and we cry
For something that big and bite

The Gator is its name
And he is the only to blame
For every pain we gain
And every children who feel no fain

Cause nightmares come and go
Every time Gator goes and show
His trumpet of sad and sorrow
And then go, he blow
And the nightmare would just flow”

Long story short, Gators came
Not knowing, the captain is here to tame
A silly, vile creature with a game
Which in the end he got framed

Oh joy oh joy, it’s the fairies pleasure
To see their enemy in pressure
As he asked for a pardon in his failure
And the captain laugh in assure
For now the land is secure



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