Phototraveller Series: Turkey (+ Gallery)

Hey there.

Last year I went to Turkey, it was a beautiful and welcoming country. Everyone wants to talk to you, not in a demeaning way, they really just want to know you more aside the obvious funny flirting they do.

Here are three things you must prepare before going to Turkey (or any other place in the world):

  1. Be open minded: no prejudice, always be respectful, always expect them to be respectful to you.
    I will be honest to you guys, this is very rude, but I thought Turkish people were con artists, I literally hold my camera and watch each of their moves. It was a big mistake, they were one of the friendliest people I’ve ever meet. They don’t care what do you look like, they just want to enjoy the day and drink their tea, which is nowhere neat yummy (seriously, their tea is just plain sour)
  2. Bring your camera with you… oh, don’t forget extra batteries and big memories. Taking redundant shot is better than missing a lot of good things. 😦 This happened to me. 😦
  3. Pay a little bit extra for the local tour is always worth it, especially in rural area.

REMINDER: The breakfast in Turkey is usually sour; Consist only of sour yogurt, sour tea, sour biscuits and sour fruits. I advise for you to leave the B&B pack and just find the food somewhere else. Unless you are into sour food.

Now that you are ready to go to Turkey, let’s check our visit list!

  1. Kappadokya – Scenic (Hot Air Balloon and food)
  2. Pamukkale – Travertine Palace
  3. Konya – Tuz Golu (Salt lake , reflective surface for photography hunting)
  4. Cannakkale – Lines of Food (+ Sunset at the seaside view)
  5. Istanbul – Spice Market, Blue Mosque

and the food list…

  1. Lahmacun
  2. Sutlac
  3. Pide
  4. Kuzu Tandir
  5. Sis Kebab
  6. Durum


1. Kappadokya

This place is a must visit. If you only have a few days in Turkey, my advice is to skip everything and go straightly to Kappadokya. There are three things you must do in here: take the hot-air balloon (strongly advised to BRING YOUR CAMERA!), walk the trail (hotels usually provide these trails), and Turkish Night.

Kappadokya is a heaven for phototourist as the views are 24/7 photogenic and the food fits most tongue.

I went hot-air balloon-ing with AirKapadokya, we flew high and the hot air balloon were quite spacious so that I can take many shots. We started early at 4 in the morning, but it was WORTH IT.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(c)Melindasa_ (See more on EyeEm! @Melindasa_ or my Instagram: melindasaputera) for no copyright mark. FYI these pictures are unedited (except for the copyright mark)

The trails usually bring you to scenic places. If you are fit (no low or high blood pressure, asthma, claustrophobic, diabetes) visit Underground City.

STAY: Divan Cave Hotel
EAT: Anatolian Kitchen, Cafe Keyif (warning: Google Maps said that they were closed permanently, but they were not. Please look carefully, you will see the name board.)

Turkish Night started at around 8. We were provided with a full course meal and dances from Turkey. It was interactive, sometimes the dancer will ask you to join, join it. Have fun, it will be an unforgettable memories.




2. Pamukkale

Travertine Palace! I recommend for you to go early in the morning or almost in the afternoon. There are a lot of cool places for taking pictures, however there are no safety lines or proper ground for tripod. Hold still to your camera, because it’s watery and chalky.

Best time to take picture is around the afternoon or bright day. There are a lot of tourist, so it is kind of hard to find a quiet space.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(c)Melindasa_ (See more on EyeEm! @Melindasa_ or my Instagram: melindasaputera) for no copyright mark!)


STAY: VENUS Hotel (I know the name sounds suggestive *heehee*, but it is a family-friendly hotel)
EAT: at VENUS hotel




3. Konya

There is only one attraction here, if possible, do not stay overnight because, really, there is nothing here beside the super reflective lake. Tuz Golu literally translates into Salt Lake. The salinity of this lake is so high that you can stand, you can walk (slowly), and you can run (if you are a masochist) on water. Bring a pair of old sandal with you, to get good shot as if you are in a middle of a lake, you will need to walk down the lake, stepping on the hard rock salt. It will hurt if you don’t wear any feet cover.


STAY: no
EAT: no, although on our way from Pamukkale to Tuz Golu, we saw a restaurant at gas station which looked so yummy, but we were in a hurry.




4. Cannakkale

Food. Find food here, all across the harbour, food, everywhere food. They have the prop from Brad Pitt’s movie which include a Trojan Horse. The locals love to talk about it, but I don’t really see the photogenic aspect of it. If any of you ever get a good shot of that Trojan, link me! I want to see… Hahaha.

I did not take a lot of pictures here, but the food was delicious and the sunset was super romantic.

[No Pictures :(]

STAY: Grand Anzac Hotel (The room was rather small)
EAT: one of the restaurants on the seaside.




5. Istanbul

Spice market, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern. I did not take a lot of picture here, too. I spent most of the time to find souvenirs 😦 . I bought 10 stones bracelets. I recommend for you to end your trip in Istanbul, as they are near the airport and you can buy the souvenir on your last day.

[No Pictures :(]

STAY: DoubleTree by Hilton
EAT: nothing specific




We are at the end of this article. What do you guys think? Turkey as the next photo stop?


*This article may be edited later on to add more information and gallery 😉

**A special thanks for my dad who has arranged the trip so that  I can copy it and post it online >:)






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