BeautyWishlist #1

Ahh, after just a few months moving to Australia I just can’t wait to buy beauty products. I have been trying to fully shift into fully vegan cruelty free products since I’ve been in Australia. It is very easy to find organic and cruelty free products here than in my home country.

I always look for cheap options however, because of my current status: full time student with no part time job, which means no extra money.

Eating vegetarian is still a hard choice for me. Considering the ugly looking vegetarian food available on campus and my inability to cook, so I reside to good ol balanced meal (less carbs and meat though).

I’ve been checking almost everywhere to find cheap safe trust-able beauty products. IT IS HARD. Now, I only use two websites to do my beauty shopping: nourished life and Sukin Organics. I find Nourished Life prices are pretty expensive (I’m on a tight budget, no judging please) compared to Sukin.

Around two weeks from now I am going to need to buy skin care products as my cleanser, toner, lip balm is on their last life 😦 . But it’s good because (sadly) right now I don’t use cruelty free products.

Here are my Beauty Wish List:

  1. Swisse Deep Sea Toner
    I have a dry skin. During winter my skin will be very flaky. I am looking for a hydrating toner. My current toner is a drying toner (it aims is to remove acne) thus making it worse during winter. Summer is ahead (forget about spring!!) and I hope that by the time the next winter arrived, I will have the most hydrated skin anyone ever know. ❤


    This picture is from Ebay. So the link will go to Ebay, however the title will go to Nourished Life, below is the link to Swisse website.

  2. Sukin Oil Balancing plus Charcoal Purifying Gel Cleanser
    Now I know I have said that my skin is dry. But my pores are clogged so I need something to absorb all the dirt and leave it free and healthy. Sukin has the cheapest facial wash that works. (I am currently using their moisturiser; it works my friend, but a bit too weak for my dry skin. YES MY SKIN IS VERY DRY)


    I don’t link the picture because I download it from the official website, which is also the website where I am buying it 🙂

  3. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm
    I used to use another lip balm which works like magic. I forgot what was it 😦 I hope I will find it again somehow 😦 , it stings way much worse than Burt’s Bees did (WRONG! because Burt’s Bees does not sting at all, but that product did) but it worked better than Burt’s Bees I must admit. Still Burt’s Bees is the second option.


    I like the mint feeling!

  4. Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen with Cellular Response Technology SPF 50
    I need new sunscreen! My current sunscreen is very not animal friendly but I have not had any replacement until Supergoop! comes and saves the day.


    Whoa.. I’ll buy the small one.

  5. Kat Von D Double Dare or Kat Von D Mother or Kat Von D Lolita II
    I just can’t pick one! I am a die-hard lipstick fan! Check the shade online and find the magic by yourself! Total love for the shade.


    Link goes to Lolita II

That’s all for now! My pocket is crying already…


All images belong to their respectful owner, in this case, I consider the website of the official product lines as the owner. Click on the picture to go to the product website. Click on the title to go to Australia’s website (there are many other websites that sell them too, though) that sell the products.

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