I know it’s blurry! But it’s me!


My name is Melinda, and I have just made a comeback in WordPress. For all of you who have seen this blog before the end of 2016 must have realised that I changed the appearance drastically. All of the contents I wrote before the appearance update is still available! It is on the pre-2016 categories. Remind you that what I wrote back then does not represent who I am right now!

The reason I changed the appearance of this blog is to bring a simplistic and professional view. I decided that the old theme and editing which I made was too cheesy for who I am now.

I was an avid blogger in 2012-2014(?) and then …  I don’t remember, hahaha

The aim of this blog was for me to improve my english, but I do not know what kind of things should I talk about, so I just write all over the place, about anything, everything but mostly poems (that I still think quite cool now).

Currently, I am residing in Australia to continue my study and spent most of my time studying (UNILIFE!), photography, and surfing the web.

Enjoy the new look and the upcoming contents!

Happy readings,



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