My Goals

Goal 2 (2016)

  1. Start taking care of my skin and living healthy

  2. Slowly be more vegetarian

  3. Finish my degree with an HD

  4. Score first internship/part-time job on my 3rd semester

  5. Blogging more regularly



Goal 1 (2012?)

So, the camp told me to share my goals to everyone, anytime, in any possible way. In hope that they’ll help and support us. Here are my goals:

1. Be a neurologist   —– FAIL

2. Enter top universities abroad or in-country

UNSW baby!

3. Estabilished a fund-raising company

4. Top students in senior high

Am not sure, but hey,  I represent my school on a regional Physics Competition

5. Own a Frenchie named “Croissant”

     Her name is Sasha, but she will come whatever you call her, as long as you have food.

P.S : Hope you guys can support me and help me (;





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